About Us

It all started while working in a restaurant nearly 10 years ago, he a busser and she a hostess who didn’t know a thing about wine. While we fell in love with the bustle of restaurants, the community they foster, and the incredible wines that have allowed us to travel while never leaving town, we also fell in downright love with each other. As our restaurant life swept us off our feet into separate restaurants, into management positions, into sommelier certifications, we managed to throw a surprise wedding and our sweet babygirl into the mix too. Then the wind (ahem, a global pandemic) blew us quicker into the direction of here. We are Marissa, Wyatt & Rez Smith, and this is Scout Wines, your neighborhood online wine shop.

We love wine, the people that create it and its way of connecting us with those we get to pour it for – whether guests, family or friends. California’s Central Valley is our home, we want to do all that we can to take care of it. So, here we are with so much love and all of our might. Scout is our opportunity to bring quality wines from small, honest producers directly to the doorsteps of our community. We believe you deserve each other.

Thank you for being here. We hope to be seeing you soon. If we are so lucky, our arms will be full of wines that excite your brain, heart and tastebuds. 

 <3, The Smiths